AZ - CA Show


We got snowed in today. No power until just a few minutes ago. Another big dump is due tomorrow. There’ll be no Prescott Show for me. I think others are coming in from the West (John M and Gourd M). I hope they make it in and out OK.



Ray - my wife and I were going to leave this morning, but we decided not to go to Prescott. The weather here is very bad - lots of rain, some thunder and lightning which we don’t get very often in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also and occasional powerful gust of wind. Weather forecasts made us decide yesterday not to go. I have not even unpacked yet. Gourd is going - I just got emails from him and oddly, out in the central valley, they haven’t had much weather yet and friends told him that there is no “weather” between here and Prescott. I find that hard to believe, but hope for him it is right. Like us, he and his wife are along in age and don’t need to hit terrible driving conditions.

I can never seem to make this show. Two years ago, at the SHOT show, I was going on to Prescott the following week, but in LV damaged my braking system to the tune of virtually all the money I had with me. Was not even sure I had enough money for gas to get back to San Francisco. Other shows I have had family obligations that trumped them. I went to the first Arizona show at Phoenix, and it was a good show! Never been able to get to another. Damn!!!

Well, I hope somehow Prescott and the roads to it for most folks escapes this storm, for all our friend’s sake and the sake of the show.

John Moss


Well for what is worth its a very wet snow here (I’m about 9 miles from where the show is) and only about 2" of snow and now has turned to rain. Its not cold enough for icey roads.
But I don’t blame you if I had to drive a bunch of miles to get there in any bad weather I’d reconsider too.
I remember the 1st Phx show it rained like crazy and was dumping snow in Prescott. Its Jan. its still winter after all.



Beautiful downtown Linden is snowed in again today. Had about a foot last night and it’s supposed to be worse today. We have given up trying to keep the driveway open. We’ll simply tough it out until the whole thing blows over. We stocked up on Baileys and cinnamon rolls so we should be fine. I hope the show goes well. Tell Pete he should recommend moving it to spring or summer. This is the 3rd time I’ve been snowed out of the show.



The show is too early. Those of us coming from California have, basically, a two day drive, which is tedious, but worse is to do it in inclimate weather. There is always the worry that the Tehachapi pass will be closed. I hear it was open, but with high wind advisories. However, the grapevine in California was closed, and that funneled all of the truck traffic onto the roads used to go to Arizona from North of the grapevine. We got snow forecasts for Prescott on the weather, and had to go by that. They don’t tell you if the snow is staying on the ground and blocking roads, or not. Even Phoenix would be better this time of year, since it is at lower altitude. Tucson even better - guess why?

Well, you can’t cater to everyone, I know. I only have been able to make the first or second show, I forget which now. I thought it was the first but thinking of it, it was probably the second, still at Phoenix though. Things just kept coming up to keep me from going. The first and second shows I know were very good. Can’t speak for any after that, of course.

Well, maybe next year!




Rick - I guess I am talking pretty local. You WOULD hate it if the Tehachapi pass was closed if you lived here and had constant business in Las Vegas or parts of Arizona. It is the major way through the Sierra Nevada mountains in south-central California, and if it is closed, the detours to get to Nevada or Arizona represent hours of driving, not minutes like in small states. The “Grapevine” is part of Highway 5, which is the major North-South Highway in the Western States, going from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. It goes through the mountains that separate south-central California from Southern California. It is the primary rounte for traffic going from Northern California to the Los Angeles Basin and San Diego, and the opposite drirection. It is seldom closed, and when it is, it is a minor catastrophe for lots of drivers. I have been over both “passes” more times than I care to remember. The distances involved would be like you closed all of the major roads of some smaller states.

John Moss




Horsethief Basin or Skull Valley I can figure out pretty easily. Toad Suck Park on the other hand took a little more research.




Well most everybody made it past "Toad Skull Suck Horserthief Valley"
and made it to the the show. And I almost forgot you have to drive down “Bullwacker Hill” past “Bullwacker Ranch” to get to the cartridge show.
Everybodys wet, but in Arizona its a “DRY WET” no I got that mixed up I think. Anyway it pays to get wet, lots of neat stuff.




Got another foot of that “DRY WET” last night. A couple of inches is cute and is the stuff that poems and songs are made of. But this is getting ridiculous! We might as well live in CA or AR.




I hope the St. Bernard with the cask of Bailey’s dispatched to your location makes it before long…



Most of the world don’t get that Arizona Dry Heat (its hot but its a dry heat) so how could you come close to knowing what Dry Wet Is?? I rest my case.


Just so Ray can appreciate the weather there in Sho Lo a little better, we’re expecting mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s today here in Tallahassee. I suppose there must be a reason so many folks our age end up here in Florida, but I just can’t quite recall what it is right now.

Coincidently, I’ll be headed out the door for our local gun show in a few minutes. I’ll look for some of those match cartridges for you Ray. Keep warm!


Why do they call it “Arid-zona”?