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At the recent IDEX 2011, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan was set up. I knew that they had been making ammunition, including 9x19mm but no details. I found reference to two companies, Dzerzhinskii Factory and Montin Factory (Baku). The second appears to be a steel company and perhaps makes cases.
In 2010 Azerbaijan announced that they were independent with regard to the manufacturer of ammunition:

More recently Bangladesh announced it would buy ammunition from Azerbaijan. The web also indicates that Turkish companies have been assisting Azerjaijan companies in this area.

The Azerbaijan MOD catalog of SAA can be downloaded on my website from page The download link is down at the bottom of this page. The bad thing is that none of the headstamps are readable.




If you’re interested:
Lugansk produce only a few calibers: 9x18, 5,45x39, 7,62x39(all with steel lacquered cases) and experimentally produced 9x19(slc) and 5.56x45(brass case).
According to information from the Foreign Economics Department of LCW:
Part of the equipment for the production of ammunition Azerbaijan purchased in Ukraine Lugansk plant. But for some ammo is not yet known.
Maybe calibers from 7.62x54r to 14.5x114 purchased in Russia.


Inertammo, Many thanks! I just posted on your 9x18mm post asking if Lugansk produced 9x19mm. In Eastern Europe I have seen a number of 9x19mm steel cases with “270” headstamps loaded with lead bullets. The cases have obviously been trimmed to 19mm so are perhaps 5.45x39mm converted by someone to 9x19mm. Have you seen these loads?

Do you have any idea of the headstamp being used by Azerbaijan?
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Lew,I have no information about headstamps on the Azerbaijan cases and what calibers they manufactured at Lugansk equipment. I’ll try to clarify this matter with representatives of the plant. Of 9x19, I have only one cartridge of the initial batch. With 270 stamp. Not from 5,45x39 case.


For Lew (and others) !

From the linked 7,62x54R catridges shown (in a tight-closed glassed case!) at IDEX 2011, the code for Azeri (the name of the local people) ammo is 050 at 12 h and date millesime at 6h, i.e. 08 for 2008 on the specimen exhibited). This is a brand new code…
The cartridges were lackered steel-cased, and it was unpossible to determinate wether components had been imported (with a local loading), or not.

Other calbres, all Russian when this note is posted,are, as far as I know, all usual Russian ones.

About the “Dzerzhinski” factory, I think that it has probably been re-named years ago, Mr Felix Dzerzhinski being the bright creator of the unfamous “Tcheka”, later G.P.U., later N.K.V.D. …!!!
It should be quoted that his monumental statute in Moscow was the first one to be put down after the fall of Soviet rule in Russia…and probably nobody ever regreted this damned bastard…



Phil–Has anyone actually seen a 7.62x39 with a “050” headstamp?



I am afraid no, at least until today, but as the Mosin-Nagant rounds were the first ones to show up, there is a huge probability that the Kala ctgs will appear soon enough, as well as the Makarovs.

I think that for the 5,45x39, it is not sure, as the re-equipment of the Azeri army in this calibre is far from certain, for credit reasons…



After researching “news” in the internet I have found this:

28 Dec 2010
Azerbaijan together with Turkey will produce ammunition

This text is automatically translated by software and therefore might be inaccurate. The translation is provided only to give an idea about the original text and should not be used, copied or referred to.

Azerbaijan and Turkey concluded sequential agreements in the military affairs.
Azerbaijan together with Turkey will produce ammunition. On this they reported in the secretariat of the defense industry of Turkey, transfers with the reference on APA in connection with this are already signed the corresponding agreements between several Turkish companies and analogous plants of the ministry of defense industry of Azerbaijan, is directed technical assistance to Azerbaijan. Within the framework agreements on the basis of contemporary technologies will be realized the production of small arms, aviation and different kind of ammunition for the artillery weapon, the rockets for the systems of reactive fire. Beginning from the following year, produced at the enterprises of Azerbaijan ammunition of high caliber they will be intended for the inventory both of Azerbaijan, and Turkish armed forces, and also for sale to other states. In the secretariat they also reported that in 2010 between Turkey and Azerbaijan were signed five agreements about the joint production. Two agreements relate to the production of the ammunition.

Link to original article in Russian:



There is a video of the plant on youtube. i will try to dig up the link.

PS Not sure if this is is Azerbaijan or Armenia:


And to think that the Dzjerzhinski was not even Ethnic Russian…he was from Lithuania (I think, or Latvia). Probably that’s why Lenin picked him to organise the CHEKA…no ethnic ties to the Russians as a people.

Doc AV