At the local gun show last night i purchased a few shot shells. One of which is smaller than a regular 12 gauge.

I searched the forum for a photo of this cartridge but was unable to find a refrence to this specific shell.

In the photo below shows the AZOT BABY RECORD beside a regular sized 12 gauge shell.

RimPin, what is the case length?


The overall length (case + head) is 1.995 Inches.

The head is approx. .341 Inches

The overall length of the Eley Grand Prix in comparison photo is 2.376 Inches.

2" 12 ga shells, for older shotguns? I wonder if it is smokeless or black powder?

A company named RTS Shells, , still makes black powder loads in the 2" and 21/2" 12 ga, and 2 5/8" 10 ga chamberings.

They also make a .32 ga 2 1/2" load, a 24 ga 2 1/2" load, and a .410 caliber [though they still call it a ‘gauge’] 2" load.

I still have a double barrel 2 1/2"" 12 ga Damascus, (made in Belgium), I plan on hunting rabbits with this year.

Interesting. I would assume it is a smokeleas powder, but im not ruleing it out.

There is no designation on the top wad regarding powder composition, but only a number 8.

(Also, be careful with a Damascus barrel. Rabbits are fun to hunt, and taste good too!)

The 8 means Number 8 Shot, the way they marked shells before the plastic crimped roulds…

I am not worried about the Damascus barrels, it is in excellent shape, and easily passed the “ring” test, (old gunsmiths test: hold the barrels by the locking lugs, and gently tap with a small ball-peen hammer to ring each barrel, listen for an even bell-like sound, not a humm-vibration sound).

Interesting test. Thank you. I will keep that in mind for the future!

The photo you show, I very much like the red shot shell with the star moulded into the top of the slug!

Does anyone know what shot size the Russian size No. 8 corresponds to?

I would presume teh ‘8’ is the same as U.S./British standard shot size, since ‘BABY’ is written in English, and therefor for export.
I know that Britian has at least one sizes of shot we don’t have in the U.S.: We have 8, they have 8 1/2… These may- or may not- help.



Excellent observation. Thank you for the extensive data.

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Dave, this cartridge is designated in Russia as “12/60” (60 mm approx. case length when fired). It was loaded until the late 90’s using plastic tube cases by the Krasnozavodsk Chemical Factory.

I don’t know the exact purpose for this length in the Russian market, but the latest 12/60 variant I have seen was made by Brenneke for maximum magazine capacity in shotguns with tubular magazines.



Dear forum member,

The photo shows lead shot 12/60 caliber cartridge with a tube length of 60 mm, loaded with lead shot No 8 (the diameter of the shot is 2.25 mm).
The manufacturer of ammunition is the research and production company Azot, the city of Krasnozavodsk.
The cartridge is made in Russia in the first half of the 90s. Marking “Made in USSR” is misleading. The Azot company was organized by the former heads of the Krasnozavodsky Chemical Plant at the beginning of the 90s, at that, the equipment, stamping the label “Made in USSR”, was used for many more years.


Interesting information guys! Many thanks for this!

For the “record”, my cartridge example is not plastic, but paper.