AZOT Russian shotshell

I have a fired red paper shotshell headstampd “AZOT 12 12 MADE IN USSR”. The A is larger than the other letters and is connected with the “Z”. Whereabouts is the factory that made this, and how old is it? The base is brass plated steel of a low brass type, the primer is brass plated. On the case it has drawing in black of a duck taking flight against some reeds, and the case length in mm “65” with a line either side. Any info would be helpful.

“Aзот” (Azot) is a common word in many Slavic languages which means “nitrogen”. Does that help?

OK, I got it. It appears to be a large ammo factory called Azot in the city of Krasnozavodsk, 88 km northeast of Moscow. It seems to specialize in shotgun ammo, all calibres.

Thanks Vlad, they have the connected “AZ” logo on the site so that’s definitely them. I take it the word “Azot” refers to Nitrocellulose powder.