B-32 API dates?

Does anyone know when the Soviet 7.62x54r B-32 API cartridge’s incendiary composition changed over from red phosphorous/aluminum powder to “thermite”?



the incendiary tip filler of Soviet API bullets (including the 7.62mm B-32) is and always was always a mixture of aluminium+magnesium powder and barium nitrate.

No content of thermite (which is aluminium powder and iron oxide Fe2O3) or red phosphorus whatsoever.

A detailed description (with percentages of all ingredients) of all Soviet incentiary and tracer compositions can be found in my book “Soviet Cannon”.

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Thank you for that Chris. Your information conflicts with published works on the subject, to include drawings comparing the amount of incendiary filler in the early type and the later type. I will assume that sice you most recently researched the subject for your book, that your info is correect.

Where do you think this misinformation (about the RP and thermite fillers)came from?