B&B pin fire box


It is a metal box containing 9 mm PF ctges
But the hstp is SB instaed of BB

have you ay explanation ? What is the meaning of SB ?



I believe that this box is 100% correct and cartridges were made by Sellier & Bellot for Braun & Bloem.

Here is a picture of a very similar S&B box containing cartridges with same headstamp:




I completely disagree.

The Sellier & Bellot Headstamps that only contain an “SB” such as (but not limited to) the following:

…were made in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Where as the S&B headstamps that were made in Germany at their plants in Schönebeck and Elbe had the cartridge size as well, such as:

Additionally, here are four examples of different companies from all over Europe (Germany, Austria, UK) who use the exact same tin box. The lids are interchangeable on all of them.

Click Image for Larger Version

So I believe the box top is not original to the bottom or the cartridges.


Aaron, I agree with you in terms of headstamp identification but both S&B from Prague and Schönebeck supplied cartridges to B&B. That makes me believe that S&B Prague cartridges in a B&B box are correct.


Now I also have this exact same label on boxes from Eley (this one is pictured in previous post), and Fusnot. They all have completely different cartridge styles and headstamps inside.

They only thing that changes on the label is the manufacture’s name and city, country.

Think S&B made those as well? And if so why make a different cartridge/bullet style and headstamp for Fusnot and Eley, but use their own S&B cartridges for B&B?


Note that “SB inside rectangle” as a headstamp is identified as S&B Prague made but seems to be only illustrated in S&B Schönebeck or “Made in Germany” labels.

Here is another variation:


That’s a good point. Everything else always has it in a circle including the German catalogs when they show the “Marke SB”

That particular box though does have the 9/SB headstamp though. That’s very much like the box I have and pictured.

Another thing I noticed too was that the Chech headstamps have a serif, whereas the German ones are sans-serif. Though this doesn’t hold true when you look at the headstamps with just numbers, such as Zwecker’s 5-7, 7-8, 7-12, 7-17, 12-19, 12-3 and the real early ones such as SB-12.2, SB-12.3