"B.M.D." headstamp?

I am trying to find out the meaning of “B.M. D.” hs on both european sporting rifle and shotgun ammunition. A scarce "B.M. * D * " hs is known on both the 8.15x46R (GSP6/7) and also the 9.1x40R G Tesching (T35).

What “B.M.” stands for is unconfirmed but there are several possibilities:

**************************************original speculation
Possibly, these were made for the Bernhard Merkel Rifle Factory of Suhl.

The “* D " in the hs may imply that these were made by Gustav Genschow (Geco) of Berlin which had a factory at Durlach and frequently used " D *” in their hs but normally at the top rather than the bottom.

*************************************** Most Likely
"B.M.D." is a powder trademark used in 12g,16g shotshells (see right).

Exactly which company produced this is not clear but it may well be Pulverfabrik Rottweil. This could be similar to the “PLASTOMENIT” hs also known on both 8.15x46R and shotshells by Guttler also.

********************************** Possibly
BM = is also used for Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik of Berndorf Austria but this is unlikely to apply in this case.

Any confirmed details would be greatly appreciated

Jean - Pierre , I thought you might have some ideas regarding this hs ??

16 B M 16 D is Gustav Genschow & Co , Durlach

Thanks Jean-Pierre.

Do you know this from it being shown in GECO catalogs or some other way ?

catalogue, therefore is is 100% sure.
All which is in my book is coming only from catalogues, factory drawings or mark deposits.

Nothing coming from what collectors think.
When I ask them something, they give me an answer, and this help me only to know where to look for information. If I find no proof I don’t put it in the book.

The shotshell I have info on :

  1. has the hstp 16 BM 16 D: meaning made by Badischen Munition Fabrik in Durlach
  2. has BMD on the tube : meaning Beste Marke Deutschlands

Therefore, on the same shotshell, you have these two info
Do not confuse what is on the tube of a shotshell and on the hstp