B-Patrone general question

I came upon a micro B-Patrone collection at SLICS. Besides the mouth seal (shell-bullet junction), what are other distinguishing (functional)Tropen characteristics? B-Patrone -v- Trop is the one on the right, the cartridge scan is in the same order.

I am not aware of any functional difference beyond sealing the case against entry of moisture due to the large temperature difference between day and night in North Africa.

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Thanks. Did they use Tropen in North Africa only? It gets pretty warm in Crimea too.

So… B-Patr v tp or B-Patr tp? :-)
The “v” (Verbessert) has a different type of propellant which gives higher pressure, only for use in airplane MGs.

Tropen indicates only a sealant against moisture.


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In July 1943, production of Trop. ammunition was ordered to stop. This happened shortly after surrender of Afrikakorps (May 1943).

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And when did Trop start? If early 1941, then it means Trop ammo was made exclusively for Afrika use. So they did not care about Crimea.

The date when “Nur für Tropen” ammunition was adopted/came into use is not known to me.

Correction: The abbreviation can be found as “(Trop.)” as well as “(trop.)”


Sorry. I am illiterate as it comes to German writing. I just know that a lot of stuff is capitalized in German.

Vlad, sorry on my part. I did not intend to correct you but myself, because in my earlier message I had written Trop.

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Specifically, I think these high-performance loadings were only for use in suitably modified versions of the fixed MG 17 rather than the flexibly-mounted MG 15. Identified by a ring of green lacquer around the bullet. Bullet loadings available as v-Munition included the B.Patrone.

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