B Primer

When recently looking through some cartridges I came across a Remington 22-250 round with a nickel primer with a letter B stamped on it.Do any of you experts out there know what it stands for?

I think that is a CCI “Benchrest” (match grade) primer. I seem to recall they were marked with a “B.” If I am right, I think that would indicate your cartirdge is either a reload, or a non-factory load on a NUPE case.


Mr Moss is right again. That’s a CCI BR2 primer. It’s the same as the standard CCI #200 except that it supposedly goes through extra inspections prior to packaging. I say “supposedly” because the “Match” primers seem to suffer the same number of problems and/or failures as the standard issue.


Thanks fellas I have been reloading for years ,never used benchrest primers. Thanks again