B.R.I. 12g shotshells

Must be old if made in Kalifornia?

Vlad–If I remember correctly these were mid-1980’s.

Earlier than that. I sold those in my store in the mid to late 70’s. I think they were originally made for LE. My memory may be shakey but, I thought they made these originally with a hardened core?? I sold a lot of them and everyone who used them for hunting complained they punched a neat round whole in deer. They shot very well through a Hastings bbl. It was the first sabot slug I personally remember.

I believe Federal bought the shell & then marketed it for a short time.

A patent covering this projectile was applied on May 18, 1970 by Ward L. Kelly and William L. McAlvain, and assigned to Ballistic Research Industries on April 10, 1973. The first advertisement I have found is dated october 1970 and says “Introducing a major design breakthrough in shotgun bullets”. Another advertisement dated August 1971 describes three different loads: Mk 7 Hunting (full choke), Mk 8 Police and Mk 9 Hunting (cylinder bore, improved cylinder and modified). Projectiles for handloaders were also offered as Mk 5 (same as the one used in Mk 7 round) and Mk 6 (same as Mk 9). The model designations soon changed to “Type B” (cylinder and improved cylinder) and “Type H” (full choke), but the police load was no longer offered probably because this design was briefly licensed to S&W Ammunition Co. who offered this round as a police slug round. In 1991 it was announced that Olin corporation bought this company and its products.