B Stahl headstamp on hunting cartridge


I have a hunting cartridge with headstamp of Babette Stahl Metallhülsen Fabrik, Suhl, Thüringen, Germany
Does symbols on 3 and 9 o’clock (O with arrow) means something? Or this is only picturesque element?


I have studied these cases for awhile now but unfortunately can’t give a definitive answer.

These ‘arrows plus circles’ were used on all B.Stahl cases with the raised (MB) type base. As well as your “B.STAHL --o–> SUHL <–o--” style, they are also known as:
“B.STAHL --o–> * <–o--” and
"ST. --o–> 1887 <–o--" - with dates from 1880->1889.

The same symbols were continued to be used on GECADO hs raised base cases after G.C.Dornheim took over B.Stahl in 1901. eg " “GECADO --o–> <–o--”.

I know of no reason why they used these apart from giving them a unique appearance which is a bit ‘flasher’ (ie. your ‘picturesque’ ) compared to similar cases from Utendoerffer, RWS, Egestorff, Lorenz etc.

Out of interest, what is the calibre of your MB case - looks like an 8x47R or 9x47R ?


Thank you very much for your answer!

This is a 9x47R cartridge