Back on line

Just a note to let everyone know that I am back on line with my computer. If anyone ever has problems with their computer, I recommend the “Geek Squad.” The tech that did mine was here for a total of about two hours on two separate trips (the second to bring parts that were needed) and the bill was less than I was quoted for an hour by other companies.

I can receive email at my same address as before, but be patient for an answer. I have been back on line for all of a half hour, and my computer loaded all the emails I missed - 480 of them - in the last couple of months. With the holiday coming up, when I won’t be home, it will likely take me a month or more to catch up with things.

Sorry it took me so long. I dragged my feet in fear of losing many of my files, and it was only thru my son’s efforts pushing is computer-stupid father forward and solving other current problems for me. Guess I have reached that point in life where I can’t even decide which shoe to put on first.

John Moss


Wellcome back, we badly missed you.

Thank you Rolf. Sorry to be brief. Have a ton of emails to go thru.


Great to have you back on line my Friend!!!


Good to have you and your wealth of knowledge back John.


The Best Buy people have a great understanding of how to fix computer problems. Glad to have you back! Tom from MN

When in doubt, I recommend the middle shoe. It fits on either foot.
Welcome back!

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Missed you and all you bring to our hobby. (Cartridges, not computers!)

John, I missed you mate, when you see all the things I was saying about you during your absence, you know I was only kidding!

Good to have you back…

Welcome back. Better to be offline for some time than losing precious data files.

Really……………he’s online

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Rolf - are you suggesting that I am a Rat? Hmmmm. You’re probably right. :-)

Maybe my name was originally “Mouse” instead of “Moss?”

Vielen dank mein Sammlerfreund.

John M. (Master of bad German spelling and grammar).

John, I think your Spanish is much better than my English. It’s great, having you back online.