Bad news in Washington State

All of us will join no doubt in sharing the sense of outrage at the tragic shooting today in Washington State of four Police Officers in a coffee shop. Our deepest condolences go out to to their families.

There are , I know I number of serving and former US police officers on this forum who will be acutely aware that this appears to have been a targeted shooting which somehow makes it all the worse.

Here in Britain we have had our share of tragedies made all the worse by the goulish zeal with which the antis have sought to make gains from such events in the past.

A very sad day.

Vince - Thank you for your kind thoughts. Aside from a couple of years with an Army Reserve Crime Lab Unit and two or three years as a San Francisco Special Police Officer (basically a store cop), I have never been a police officer, but my son is a 21-year veteran California Peace Officer with the California Highway Patrol, our “State Troopers.” This kind of thing is a parent’s worst nightmare, not to mention that of siblings, spouses and children!

I have had my ups and downs with laws passed in our State and our country that border on fascism, and I have found Police Officers that cannot be held in respect or esteem, but they are damned few compared to the tens of thousands the do their job with honor and courage. This includes our Police (police officers all over the world), firemen, para medics, and our men and women of the Armed Forces as well. Bless them all.

Another senseless crime that should be dealt with ruthlessly if the perpatrator is caught.

John Moss