Bakelittfabrikken line-up

Took a photo of my Bakelittfabrikken cartridges earlier today as part of indexing my collection. Not a great photograph by any means but it’s good enough for this purpose.

The «dirt» on the 12,7 ones are rust from being in belt links.

[color=#FF0000]Here[/color] is the same image flipped, with designations, cartridge names, and a colour legend.

Thought that some of you may find it interesting.
The reason there are some duplicates is the large amount of variants found in the same designation rounds. Especially NM 134 and NM 226 have large differences in certain runs.
As you can see, newer cartridges use a different type of plastic, more matte than the old shiny one.

  • Ole

You need one in 7.62x25 Tokarev.

There are many things I’m missing from the line-up, sadly. 12,7x99 short range with tracer will be in soon, after that I will be looking for 6,5x55 variants.


Nicely done, thank you for posting the images of your collection!


Thank you for the comment, Brian.

Here is a 40 mm Bofors blank adaptor «grenade».
Made by Bakelittfabrikken too, as far as I know. Uses a 12,7x99 blank to reduce costs for training with the guns. As we all can imagine, filling up a regular grenade with powder is a bit more expensive than reusing the shell and switching 12,7 mm blanks…

Full resolution [color=#FF0000]here[/color]
I also have a green dummy grenade I’ll post some time later.

  • Ole

Ole, thanks a lot! Good idea to have 2 images where one has the designations in the pic.

That 40x365R blank adaptor is also an unusual thing and nice too see!

Ole, is that cartridge on the far right next to the 9x19 a 4.6x36mm or a 4.6x30mm? And either way, would that be a very rare caliber for this type of Bakelittfabrikken?

Glad to get to show them off!
They are quite the something, I’m happy I got the chance to get one of the last ones the seller had. I paid 200 NOK for it, if I recall right.

4,6x30, of course - my mistake. Thank you for pointing out the error, it has been corrected now.
I have not seen very many of them in circulation but that is to be expected as it was only introduced a few years ago together with the MP7 personal defence weapon.
Headstamp of mine is 05-BF-12.
We can expect more of them to come out in the next years. They mostly come home with conscripts on leave.

  • Ole