Balle Fléche Calibre 12

Hi Guy’s need some info about these cal 12 cartridges! What was the jus off the cartridges?Balle Fleche 1Balle Fleche 1|690x1035Balle Fleche 2

Hi Harry,
These are used fot hunting, deer and wild boar.
They are known for their accuracy, velocity and power.
This seems to be an older type of box, but the cases are still the same.

Regards Rene

Thank you for posting these photos Harry!

I was curious to know what the box and shells looked like for the slug I have!

(Side View:)

(Top View:)


Harry I think your box is of the newer type, see the USA on the side.
I got the box on the right perhaps 25 years ago and nothing USA on it. The poorly sectioned and the third from the left are from that box. The one between them with the faint larger case-print has the same logo as the box examples but the 70mm case length printing, print size and the primer made it a keeper.
The 20 bore has the same raised lettering as Dave shows.
Looks like yours are sort of in between my CHIDDITE hs & the 12,12,12,12 to it’s right.

Here are some in 20 Gauge (still with lead, the newer ones now have a leadless construction, of which I also Show a cut and bullet

Now a halfcut:

and now the leadless bullet:

The cuts are not made by myself. …they are coming from a big Report of DEVA about ricochets possibillithies of modern slugs…which is on the Internet…


Are these still available? Searching Google on my phone isn’t much fun…

Yes they are.

CAI has a bunch of interesting stuff for sale

Peter, thank you for posting those photos!