Ballistics - interesting little video regarding wound ballistic


This is the link to a video regarding wound ballistic related to different types of bullets used from the police (FMJ and I guess some Action bullet) but also related to the distance from gun to the shot person and where to find DNA.




Is there an English translation button? i couldn’t find one, but then I’m not too swift about that sort of thing. Certainly sounds very interesting.


You are correct, no english button.
I will try to provide a rough translation by tomorrow.




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there you are: a rough translation of the spoken.



This video is about the forensic scientist Christian Schyma. He works at the forensic institue of Bern, Switzerland. He is a specialist for gun shot wounds.
First round is a obsolete police round (FMJ) if fired through a gelatine block (gelatine is used because of a very similar behaviour to human tissue) it travells trough the block nearly unstopped. If fired on a suspect it will pass through the suspect potentially hitting a person behind injuring that one possibly fatal. This is because of enough energy left. Because of that the police uses now different ammo (yellow tip - Action?). When shot on a human beeing it will get deformed and later gets stuck in the body but will not leave the body.
Mr. Schyma also defines his own models for heads.
For another experiment he has to wear protective clothing. He shoots one shot out of no distance. The red paint simulates blood. One can see how the paint enters the barrel.
This means in reality if shot out of no distance blood will enter the barrel too.
This gives new evidences for DNA that can be found inside the barrel.


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