Ballistics Test: 7.62x25mm Tokarev the winner!


That’s great if you want to punch a hole in a piece of sheet metal. But give me the 45 ACP anytime! ;) ;)


That does not appear to be a ballistics test, but rather a simple test of penetration on one type of material, although there is no description of the type of material, the conditions of the test, the barrel lengths of the weapons firing each round, bullet core materials, distance from muzzle to target, etc. All important to draw any conclusions from the picture. The 7.62/7.63 x 25mm has always had a good reputation for penetration. That is nothing new in a penetration test and not a surprise. As Ray indicates, it comes up short in some other practical tests of what bullets, especially defense bullets, should do, but it certainly is better than lots of other well-known cartridges, such as the .25 and .32 auto, 7.65mm Para, .380 auto, etc., especially in a submachine gun where its flat tractory gives it better practical range than some other calibers in SMGs.

I’ll take a .45 too, for self-defense against an unarmored target.

Well, I suppose it is nice to know if I ever get attacked by a personal computer’s hard drive.

FWIW: .300 H&H reloaded with pulled .30 M2 AP bullets does a real number on the platters of a computer server.

I love how all the politicians and liberal media went bonkers over the whole FN Five-seveN pistol and its “armor piercing” ammunition a few years ago, and they were all crying foul… Little did their misinformed minds realize that there had been an equivalent pistol with ammunition with nearly as much AP and Kevlar punch around for 50 years at that point: The CZ52! And it costs only $150 compared to the 5-7’s $800 price tag. Love it! If there were ever an AP-capable “cop-killer” pistol out there with “Saturday-night-special” potential for those folks to worry about, it was the CZ52, but it never happened. Shows what the pols know…

This is why the 7.62x25mm has been banned from importation from Russia if I recall correctly.



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Where the .45 hit is solid undeneath, that is where the screw goes into, so this is not strictly an accurate test.