Bandoleer for 30. Carbine M1


here is a 6-pocket bandoleer for .30 Carbine M1 ammunition on 10-round strip (bandoleer was found empty).

Is this bandoleer WW2 or post war ?

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Judging by the color, I would say WWII, most of the post war bandoleers I have seen have been the darker olive drab, not khaki…but I could be wrong…

Thanks, that’s already a beginning.


I have a .30 Carbine Bandoleer from Lake City, only one lot # higher.
Mine is lot # 13322 and H/S is, LC 52 with brass case, brass primer,
red PA

I may be mistaken, but I think that WWII era bandoleers were not marked in any way. Instead, a card was placed in one of the pockets with the pertinant information on it. The color of the cloth in WWII and earlier bandoleers is also a tan or khaki color, not so much green.


My observation is that most WW2 carbine ammo was issued in 50 round boxes, and that production was essentially shut down (circa mid to late 1944)by the time that they decided to issue in clips/bandoleers. As far as I can recall, all the clip/bandoleer lots I have seen are 52 or newer.
I may be wrong, and there may have been some packed that way prior the endo of WW2, but perhaps someone else will know for sure.

Thanks a lot for all those information.

These perfectly answer what I wanted to confirm.



One thought: the 10-round stripper clip is mathematically compatible with the 30-round magazine but not with the 15-rounder. The 30-round magazine was either not issued in WW.2 or only at the very end. JG

Was in the Marines in Korea. Never saw a Carbine bandolier in 1951. All our cartridges were in 50 round boxes. Some of the 30-06 bandoliers had Springfield strippers. We used this to load BAR magazines.