Bandolier markings?


On the back of 30 cal bandoliers is a stamp with what appears to be 3 initials and a date.
Example: K.P.I.4/68
Is this an inspectors mark, being his/her initials, or something else?


I am pretty sure they are just maker markings. I have not seen that particular one, but have seen several others with a name and date in various formats. Most seem to be from the 1960s. I dont think earlier ones were marked in that fashion. The maker marks seem to be almost always on the back.

Ammunition type and lot numbers were (almost?) always on the front.

This i for U.S. military procured ammo only. No idea what other countries might have done.


Thanks John. Found another reference that confirms your info and identifies the maker, in this case, as Kings Point Industries, Fayeettville NC. Something to file under trivial info.