Bannerman 1940 catalogue

Just came back from a small local show with a bunch of interesting (to me) books. So I decided to share this one.

Vlad, any ammo in there?

Yes, but I need to scan a lot. Any particular ammo for you, Alex? I’ll do it when I get back from work.

My reprint of the 1927Bannerman catalog shows some ammo
100 and 200 lb (powder capacity) US Navy Spar Torpedo’s at $35 each in “like new” condition
Spanish Torpedo with War head (powder removed) complete at $385 (these 2 are for Jason)
Hotchkiss and Parrott percussion fuses at $3 each
43 Spanish rounds, lead, at $1.75/100 or Reformado’s at $2.20/100 (and a discount for large orders)
45-70-500’s at $3/100, 47-70 blanks at $30/M
US 50cal CF’s at $2/100 (the rifles for them were $3.50 for a used Springfield or $9.50 for a new Rem Rolling Block)

Fun catalogs to read through

Oh, well… Anything larger than small arms ammo including any explosive ordnance is of interest. Way too much I guess.

In 1954 my ship paid a visit to NYC, and while all the other sailors were chasing girls and frequenting the local beer parlors, I headed straight for Broadway and the Bannerman store. To an ignorant farm boy, it was something that you could only dream about. I would have bought everything there, except that my monthly salary of $75, before deductions and a Savings Bond for mom, would only permit me to buy one thing, and so I went back to the ship with a Model 1819 Navy flintlock pistol, and a hope to return someday, which I never did.

Still have my late father’s 1940 Bannerman catalogue. He ordered a Brown Bess and a 50-70 Springfield. B would not ship the 50-70 because Canada was at war and shipping the Springfield would violate the US neutrality laws.

The 1940 Bannerman catalog must be fairly common. I have one and have seen at least a half-dozen others, all being in about the same condition as the one shown. I also have somewhere a modern reprint of one of the earlier editions, maybe from the late 1920s. As I remember, there’s little difference in the contents and prices between it and the 1940 version.

This thread made me curious about the 3 catalogs I have, 1927, 1933 and a 1940. I then did a google search and there are bunch of sites offering or recently offered the 1940 catalog. I’ll bet a quantity of 1940 catalogs were found some time back and now are finding there way back to the collectors market. There isn’t much difference between the one’s I have in content.

If you’re interested in such items of ephemera, Cornell Publications ( ) offers hundreds of reprints of books and catalogs associated with guns, ammunition, and military items, including several old Bannerman’s catalogs. I think their prices are a bit high, but there’s lots of stuff available.

501 Broadway today, its up for rent. Interestingly there is a map … w-York-NY/