Barnaul 30 Whisper & 6.5mm-I guess

Two cartridges showed up at the Czech meeting. Both have the Barnaul headstamp “БПЗ .223REM”. One of the rounds looked like a 30 Whisper (blt dia: 7.84mm-CL: 35.12mm) and the other appears to be a 6.5mm (blt dia: 6.73mm-CL: 44.25mm). The case mouth on both has obviously been trimmed after the case was finished.

Any ideas??? Guy who had the two spoke no English so no story came with them. Not sold, just given to me along with two or three other very nice items.


Just taking a guess, I bet they were both factory Barnaul .223 that someone ran through a set of dies, maybe as a visual prototype for something else.

The fact that the case mouth was trimmed after they were lacquered and that there are marks around the neck area of the 6.5 suggest that they are not factory cartridges.