Barnaul 9mm headstamp - slight variation


I was just noticing on two Barnaul 9mm cartridges I have, that there is a slight headstamp variation. Not sure if this had been covered before, but I couldn’t find it in the search function.

The one shown on the left is what seems to be the prevalent or “normal” version of this headstamp as far as photos online, and this one was also known to be what was on cases from the Monarch brand of 9mm ammo from Academy Sports. The one on the right shows more separation between characters, and the lower tail of the “3” (I know it’s not a 3) does not extend all of the way beneath the middle character. Also slight difference in spacing on the bottom between the letters of “Luger”. I wish I had info to offer on what boxes these came from, and when - but I found them in a mixed lot.


The second headstamp, the one on the right, has been
our for quite some time now, at least on 9 mm Para.

John Moss


The headstamp on the right is an early version of BPZ.

And perhaps it was this form of headstamp that first appeared on joint stamps (for example, BPZ and MFS (Colt))

At 9x18 I did not see this.