Barnaul Russiam ammunition headstamp

I am trying to figure out the Logo of three different boxes of Russian .410 that I have.

  1. Silver Bear, 5 pack .410-2

I believe that the Barnaul Trademark (Logo) is made up of four Cyrillic Letters. I have not figured out, yet, how to type Cyrillic in this Forum, but the letters cloasely resemble the following: bAPC. The first word of the Cyrillic version of “Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant” begins with the Cyrillic letters resembling “bAP” while the second word of the Cyrillic name starts with the Cyrillic Letter resembling “C”. I think that might be the origin of this logo, but it is just a guess, since I have never seen it explained by any Barnaul official source.

I believe the letters you said might refer to Tula, “JSC” have no special meaning for the Tula factory, and simply stand for “Joint Stock Control” or “Joint Stock Company”, a form of incorporation, and that is why you see it in conjunction with many companies, such as Tula, as well as with Barnaul… I could be wrong about that. Perhaps one of our Russian Forum-users can either confirm my speculation, or tell us what it really means.

JSC ==Joint Stock Company, used by many Eastewrn Block ex government factories when they were sold oof into private hands, usually to a group of their own workers and management staff.

The Corporate law term JSC is antiquated in Western terms of Corporate arrangements, dating from the 17th and 18th Centuries, but the organisation of it today in the Eastern Block countries is nowadays on a par with a “Proprietary Limited” ( or Pvt Limited, or other similar corporate structure, where ownership is by shares of Stock with limited liability of the shareholders (stockholders), and the shares are NOT traded Publicly.
In other words it is not a “Public Corporation” in US terms.

Sellier & Bellot in the Czech republic was also set up as a JSC when they were “privatised” in 1990.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.