Barnes "XPD" autopistol SCHP ammo

Barnes has just announced that they will now load their own ammo using their Tac-XP SCHP bullets in common auto pistol calibers and they will call it “TAC-XPD”. I’m sort of surprised and not surprised at the same time.
On the one hand I am not surprised since this past year they have been loading the “VOR-TX” line in .357mag, .44mag, .41mag, and .45 Cot for hunters, so it makes sense that they would go ahead and just load the much more popular pistol calibers in auto loads if they are going to be manufacturing loaded ammo anyway.

On the other hand I am surprised at their optimism about pursuing this since the market is absolutely drowning in various SCHP lead-free loads like this right now, most of them using Barnes XBP bullets! Aside from there being at least 10 manufacturers of loaded ammunition who use the Barnes SCHP bullets in loading common pistol calibers, there are other manufacturers using different bullets such as the Magtech “First Defense” / “Justice” loads, the Grizzly Cartridge “Xtreme” line, the stuff from Lehigh Defense, PNW Arms, Liberty Ammunition “Halo” which are similar, and the Fiocchi EMB which is in a similar ballpark to these, being lead-free.

The real issue for them should be that JEK inc’s website and MidwayUSA are selling tons of cheaply-priced “C.O.P.” SCHP ammo in many calibers using bullets from General Bullet that undercuts everyone’s pricing, so I don’t think the civilian market (online buyers at least) will warm up to these anytime soon. Barnes must be banking on a big law enforcement marketing campaign I imagine, but they will be competing with juggernauts like Federal, and other longtime loaders like Black Hills, Corbon, Buffalo Bore, Double Tap and Wilson Combat. Putting “PD” in the name of the ammo seems to hint at this avenue. They will no-doubt be relatively high-grade cartridges, but all of the manufactures of these types of cartridge claim to use the highest grade components at the highest level of loading precision, etc… etc…

Originally heard about these at this link:

It looks like the bullets will have some sort of dark coating (moly coat?) inside & out:

I have a keen interest in all this sort of development with SCHP pistol loads and I will have a new reference book ready for SLICS with all of the past and present loadings of this type described. Hopefully I can get my hands on a box of these before March!

Do the cases have dark nickel plating, or is that just the way that the image on the computer-generated image of the box makes them appear?

I think the image is just glare-controlled and a little flat since it is computer generated. The cases should be just normal nickel-plated when they are released in a few months. Where it shows the expanded bullet it looks like the inside will be black-oxide coated, or moly-coated as well, whereas only the sheared open seams of the petals are bare copper.

I was thinking that they might have this type of plating. They would be an interesting collecting variation if they did. I haven’t seen any cases with this sort of dark nickel finish on them (I am definitely not saying they don’t exist).

Matt, When you find a source, please let us know!


Falcon - I think that dark-nickel coating that you show on the motorcycle engine is the sort of thing that Hornady used to use on some of their TAP ammo:

Cleveland Black Oxide???

Maybe them, but I don’t know if it is a moly-coat or what it is. The Barnes website has no info yet on this line, and the promo marketing done thus far has been a little vague.

It’s funny how the Black Talon was such a no-no for so long and everybody avoided that kind of marketing, but now we’re in the era of multiple grossly-expanding multi-petal hollow points, “extreme” type frangibles (some with shapely ladies on the box), black bullets, and zombie ammo, and nobody misses a beat or looks twice.

Thanks for that, I knew that a manufacturer somewhere would have used that plating before.

Current SHOT show stuff: it looks like the new Barnes TAC-XPD is basically the same as Cor Bon’s DPX, but with a silvery coating on the copper bullet. Corbon and other manufacturers have been using Barnes copper bullets for years, and now Barnes is just loading their own in auto pistol calibers after having begun loading their own bullets in revolver calibers last year. Their .45acp is an outstanding performer as far as penetration and performance in gelatin
(see article & video here: )

For some reason I thought I had already posted images & descriptions of the new Barnes TAC-XPD loads, but after searching, I apparently have not. I have the 4 calibers they offer; .380 auto, .40S&W, .45 auto, and 9x19. They are the same thing as the Barnes SCHP bullets, but these loads are just some sort of oxide coating on the bullet loaded into nickel cases.

On the box end-flap you can see a lenticular hologram print of an expanding Barnes bullet also, first time I have seen a print like this on an ammo box.

That is not a dot you see after the .40S&W headstamp, it is just a smudge.

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In some recently received Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm ammo, I see they have a slightly different style of headstamp. It is the same at a glance, but looking closely, the + symbol is different, and the letter R up top are obviously different. I have found that since Barnes & Remington have been exchanging components and crossing their production in recent years, that headstamp variations have increased with them.