Basse und Selve cartridges


Did the firm of Basse und Selve manufacture any other metallic cartridges than the 11.15 x 60R Mauser? Jack


I have a 6.5x54R cartridge marked 40,09,40,BS…Pete.


Pete: Excuse my slow response to your useful information. It’s likely that the letters “BS” on the 6.5 m/m round do indicate Basse & Selve, but as a metal source rather than as a case manufacturer. The letters BS are found on Dutch 6.5 m/m rimmed cartridges from at least as early as 1912 to your 1940 specimen. In this period the actual manufacturer of the cartridge case, the Dutch facility at Hembrug, was omitted from the headstamp but letters indicating metal supplier or brass lot number were present.

Other than the BS marking Dutch cartridges in the period 1912 to 1920 or so generally have a series of single letters of the alphabet comprising about the last dozen or so letters of the alphabet. The single letters I assume are contract or lot numbers for unstated metal suppiers; BS is (it seems) the only firm identified specifically. It’s interesting that BS would appear as late as 1940 because Basse & Selve had by that date become a part of the VDM metals corporation.