Bay of Pigs

Can anyone tell me how many different h/s there are for the “Bay of Pigs” .30-06 rounds, what are they, and who were the manufacturers?

If you are referring to the AN/BN/CN rounds they were NOT made specifically for the Bay of Pigs. Manufacture of all three major variants occurred in 1953, well before the Bay of Pigs. They were intended for clandestine use and some were used during the failed Cuban invasion in 1961

Chris, did any projectile variations exist besides ball?

Just ball.

However, the cases sometimes turn up as movie blanks (based on fired cases) and occasional after-market dummies.

Both Stembridge Gun Rental and Ellis Mercantile used fired military cases for their movie blanks and I have found these B/N & C/N cases in boxes of their blanks mixed with other military cases. Both with yellow wads marked “FULL” and red wads marked “1/4”. I’m sure there were other variations.
Chris P.

Thanks a lot Chris!