"BB" headstamps on pinfire ammo

I search information about headstamps “BB” on pinfire ammo.

I found in internet 3 types this h/s.
In first example is Braun&Bloem because h/s is connected with packing on box. But in next two h/s is without packing.

Do you have anything info for correlation h/s with box and producers?

Why asking? Because i search h/s made by "C.& J. Bekker Fabryki Broni – Gilz do broni myśliwskiej i Patronów Rewolwerowych w Warszawie”. I have only information in short text:
Odpowiadamy tylko za dobroć gilz oznaczonych marką „C. et J. Bekker Warszawa” (w języku rosyjskim) i marką „B.B.”
in translation:
We only guarranted for kindness case with mark „C. et J. Bekker Warsaw"( in Russian language) and with mark „B. B."

Below results my inquiries

There are a couple more headstamp variations as well.

And i just counted, I have 87 variations by Braun & Bloem from 5mm - 12mm (not all hs variation, but brass/copper, case length, bullet type, etc) which means there may be at least 87 different boxes!

I only have 15 Braun & Bloem boxes.

I will see if I can take pictures of the other significant HS variations and boxes.

I guess I do not have any boxes of just the BB headstamp, however there are scans of Braun & Bloem boxes for this headstamp in Zwecker’s guide.

All the rest of my boxes are tin boxes with various labels and have the headstamps like your type 1 row.

Aaron if the box you show & the box PJB illustrates in his row one are the same but have different headstamps connected to them, then the the logic that there are separate headstamps for each style of box doesn’t work, as here the same box shows two different headstamp layouts.

I’ve seen a number of same boxes with different contents, so there could be more variations than boxes. However the other side is that the same contents could be in different style boxes, which also happens.

Get that time machine cranked up.

I don’t think that the one pjb showed is actually for that headstamp, as it is an earlier box that should have the earlier headstamp. I know where he got the picture of the box from, and that person had a typical bb/9 headstamped cartridge illustrated beside it, but I think his box may have just been an empty box. I actually emailed the person yesterday to have them double check, and they said they would check their collection and get back with me.

Plus, in this case it really doesn’t matter, as either way it shows this hs is by B&B which is really all pjb wanted to know.

Your likely correct about PJB’s box = headstamp & judging from your box, the headstamp shown may well not be original to the box. All I was trying to point out was about the relationship between box styles & box contents sometimes overlapping.

Yeah I definitely know that happens too. I even have a Braun & Bloem box with Sellier & Bellot headstamps in it!