BBC 20x110 Hispanos from 1941 and 1942


Is there any functional reason for the change one sees by comparing these 2 cartridges?


It appears that the top one is a 20x110RB Oerlikon case, and the bottom is a 20x110 Rimless Hispano. Is this what I am seeing?


No, the top is definitely Hispano. If you wish, I may post a side view, I have it in my hand. Done. Left=top, right=bottom. Feels good not having to adjust the size since Photobucket went to unlimited storage. 1941 round has no flash holes.


Is the top an unfinished case that someone has put a bullet into? Bottom is factory dummy.

Or do you mean the outer edge, head trim on the top & lack thereof on the bottom. Probably nothing in weapon function, as a GUESS on my part. The bottom one would likely be cheaper to manufacture not having to trim the outer edge of the head, plus less scrap to handle/deal with. That is, once the equipment up-grade was amortized.


Pete, you are probably right. The top case has no projectile crimp and no flash holes. Yes, I mean a slightly raised area under the headstamp letters and numbers.