BBM 9mm Battle Born Munitions - Denel

Has anyone else seen this stuff yet, or know what headstamp it comes with? It is a private-label export from Denel for Battle Born Munitions (BBM) in Sparks, NV. They also sell .223 and .308 with this label, and as far as I can tell it is just re-branded PMP commercial shooting ammo. The U.S. trademark for this label has existed since Aug, 2013, but they have no Facebook page, and virtually nothing can be found from internet searches in terms of retail sellers, or even forum chatter. They do have sort of an absurd Youtube video proclaiming to be showcasing the “high cycle feature” of this ammo, which supposedly allows for a high cyclic rate… It’s just regular 9mm ball ammo, and it cycles as fast as any FMJ ball out there, so I’m not sure why they bother touting this:

I really like the battle packs. I hope it comes through as affordable shooting ammo.

On the BBM website it is listed at $160. So figure $20 shipping, and at $180 you wind up at $22.50 per 50rds, which is nothing special. On Gunbroker there is a seller with a buy-it-now of $119, so figure $20 shipping, and you’re closer to $17.37 per 50rds which is decent. Neither of these price points however, competes terribly well with boxed FMJ shooting ammo at Walmart, given that the performance & reliability of the Walmart stuff (Federal brass & aluminum cased, Winchester & Remington bulk packs, Perfecta, MKE, etc…) is well known & documented, whereas this stuff is still a mystery.

I find that these odd-quantity bulk lots are usually set up to squeeze more money per rd from the consumer and are designed to make doing math in your head more difficult than the usual 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 quantities. This happens at Walmart with odd lots of 300, 700, 820, 900 and other bizarre quantities. The weatherproof battle-pack feature is the only unique thing about the BBM ammo, that and the headstamp in terms of collectors… These might be a flash-in-the-pan import though and wind up something rare like Sumbro 9mm, which although common for a few months, seems to have disappeared from all retail & internet outlets.

I just noticed that Meijer stores (midwest U.S.) are offering this ammo by the box:

Also curious about the ‘battle-proven’ bit?

Yeah, the “Battle Proven” comment is a bit of a stretch, but I do recall having good results with RSA 9x19 in the past. If it was cheaper I’d get of few of those battle-packs for nice, long-term storage. Walmart Federal Aluminum and TulAmmo are both $10 or less per box. I can’t really rationalize spending $6 or $7 more, plus shipping, when I can go to any of 6 Walmarts within an hour of home.

[quote=“Mwinter”]Also curious about the ‘battle-proven’ bit?[/quote]Seems SA have a rather high incidence of gun crime, it might be a tongue-in-cheek reference to that fact? -Nah, sarcasm don’t sell ammo…

Got to be their cross-border insurgencies in Angola, Mozambique, and Rhodesia through the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Who else might they have sold to, more recently, that has a hot war going on?

I had assumed they just meant that Denel was a military supplier, which would be just as redundant as Winchester or Federal printing “battle proven” on their commercial ammo boxes since those two companies have also provided munitions to the military in the past, though the connection is obviously irrelevant. The “high cyclic rate” statement would be equally redundant for this type of ammo.

Ah ok, makes a bit more sense to me now. I just wasn’t sure if there was a specific/recent unit association or contract for the ammo. I remember using a bit of the 80s import battlepack stuff. Disappointed to see their .223 isn’t 5.56 (non staked/crimped primers), but the current .308 looks like a match to what used to come in those wonderful vinyl “gift packs” in my youth. Very curious as to additional info on their product features of “Double tap Tango down” and “Power punch”.

Just imagine what kind of ad copy Remington would get off Golden Saber (FBI HRT), or other company’s “positive end use” cartridges (Black Hills would be ROLLING in UBL ad dollars!)

Battle Born Munitions, Inc. is a Nevada Domestic Corporation filed on April 11, 2013. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is E0181392013-2.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Fountainhead Associates, Inc. and is located at 312 West Fourth Street Carson City, NV 89703.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Frederick A Hees from Carson City NV … S-INC.html[/quote]

Fredrick A. Hees is the Director. He is also the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition he is the managing member of Battle Born Beverages LLC.

They list their business partners as Denel and PolyCase. They advertise battle packs of .223, .308 and 9mm and show all in stock.

I think I’ll order a 9mm battle pack. If anyone wants a box, I’m happy to pass it on at my cost plus shipping.


Wow, Polycase is really getting their tentacles out their. They also have a relationship with Lapua, and are getting into national distribution.

Forgot to mention! I think I ran across a statement on their website which is intended to substantiate the “Battle Born Munitions”.

I am still looking for the substantiation for the “Battle Born Beverages” name.


To be honest, my first thought after reading “battle born” in association with liquids were wet pants.

A friend in South Africa with some insight into Denel told me the following:

More when I receive my battle pack. Total cost with shipping was $185 for 400 rds. Can always shoot the extras.


Lew, if you haven’t ordered yet, then there is a guy on Gunbroker selling the same 9mm packs for $119 + shipping.

Thanks Matt, but too late. I ordered yesterday. I checked Gun Broker yesterday and didn’t get a hit on these. Anyway, it is past history now.


I found an image of the headstamp for these (not a great image). It is D over 9mm :

Here is an image scan of the Denel (PMP) headstamp on these BBM 9mm cases. I have had a couple boxes of these since the day before SLICS when I stopped at a Meijer store in Ohio and found them, just forgot to update this thread.

I also noticed today that BBM now offers repacked 5.56 and 7.62x39 on their website, and that both are marked as being from Igman on the boxes:

Dick’s had the 9mm, .223, and .308 about a month ago, but the price wasn’t worth the purchase. They only had 100 round bulk packs.