Be Carefull About This Buyer

I don’t know if this is the correct place to put this message so I do apologize in advance.
We wanted to let you know to be careful when dealing with a buyer by the name of Rusty Stowe out of Jacksonville Fl. Stowe is looking for as many .31 packets that he can locate to purchase. Here is the issue. Stowe violently shakes the packet to see if any of the cartridges are moving around. Then complains if the hears any movement and wants a refund. I guess the question I have is that by doing that how many packet contents has he ruined. Again I apologize but since this guy is buying I thought this should be known to our fellow collectors. Thank you


Thanks for the info.

I have someone also that has recently started collecting cartridges that I forwarded to join the IAA and has. Now it turns out he is a crook and owes me $300 or the return of two cartridges, but I also do not know where to post such info. Most Forum’s have such a thread to post this info. I do not believe we do…???


I’d bet he’s ruined every one

I get this type in the store sometimes. They like to shove their big thumbs into the end-flaps of the boxes to open them and pull out an FMJ cartridge to “see what it looks like”, and then the cram it shut and put it back on the shelf backwards, not buying it. They probably didn’t even have a weapon in that caliber. Never ceases to amaze me.