Beamhit or Safeshot Box


Does anyone have a picture of a Beamhit or a Safeshot box that they can post? Better yet, a number of different boxes.

Does anyone have, or have a photo of one of the blanks with a Beamhit headstamp?

What headstamps are out there in these blanks?

Beamhit is made by L3 Comm for firearms training. Speer makes blanks in 9mm and 5.56 and perhaps other calibers for these systems. You can find them at

Any help appreciated.




Lew - I hope this is part of what you wanted. My box collection is a mess right now, in transition from various cabinets into another one.
So, here is only the Beamhit Box and cartridge. I think I have some Safeshot boxes also. This Beamhit box is 9mm. I thought I had the headstamp
in either .40 S&W or .45 as well, but cannot find the cartridges, so guess I was wrong.

Photo 1 is the box top. Self explanatory.
Photo 2 is the bottom of the box. Self explanatory.
Photo 3 is the cartridge. Self Explanatory.
Photo 4 is Beamhit headstamp, the only one I have. It is self explanatory.

I will try to add to this. Good box pictures, but not the best cartridge or headstamp pictures I have taken. Sorry about that.

Photos and cartridge items collection of John Moss


Lew - here’s some more 9mm stuff. Probably all I will find for now. My other calibers of boxes are in a disastrous condition right now. Can’t
find anything. I think I have some Safeshot boxes in .40 S& W anyway, but they will be the same. I don’t recall having any of a different
format. The photos are self-explanatory, pretty much so. I should have done the boxes on a colored background. I was more intent on showing
the whole label, legibly, which enlarged are legible, that art work. Still, both photos are poor. I still have trouble with headstamps unless I take
them one at a time, which is a huge time waster.

I did not photograph the cartridges. All have exactly the same profile as the Beamhit one I showed, with no other distinguishing colors, shapes,
etc. that would be revealed by profile pictures of them.

In case people can’t read the headstamps on my crappy picture, they are, left to right, starting on the top row, 1. W-W SUPER 9mm WIN MAG; 2.
Same as 1., 3., same as 1. & 2.; 4. 9 mm SAFE SHOT; 5. Same as 4. and with "L F Primer (Lead Free); 6. BLAZER 9 MM SAFESHOT; 7. * - * 9mm

Hope this was of some little help, anyway.

Pictures and cartridge items collection of John Moss


Doesn’t anybody have any box labels or rounds to add to this small group? I can’t believe I am the only one who has any. I know they have made them in other calibers, including the “Beamhit” headstamp, as I have had at least one .223 go through my hands with that headstamp.

John Moss



I really appreciate the box photos. They will appear in the next (and final) section of my Headstamp Guide!


PS: Are John and I the only people who are interested in these???


no you aren’t (the only one’s interested) as they surely seem special purpose to me (my fancy)

does this “45 ACP” sized laser light gizmo qualify as some type of beam round ??

picked up aT SLICS 6 +/- years ago ??