Bean bag 12g

How does a bag fly? Anyone has any pictures? I don’t doubt it flies, I’d like to see its shape.

Its not bad for a square block up to about 50 ft.

Square is 2" x 2" and about 1/4" thick.
Weigh is 1.41 oz (616 grains)

Earlier this year, we had an incident where a local deputy thought he was firing a 12 gauge bean bag round, but loaded a door breaching slug instead. The suspect was killed as a result of the mix-up. The sheriff’s department reportedly doesn’t issue the breaching round in question, but they found another one mixed in with their inventory of bean bag rounds.

This is kinda my cup of tea…i.e., “less lethal”.

The first bean bags were circa post “Kent State” and the MBA production(famous GyroJet company) ( which the IAA’s Mel Carpenter will chronicle in his upcoming authoritative text).

The first “bean bags” (MBA and MK ballistics) were round disks.

Sometime later the square disk followed (I have 10+ variations/colors/fabrics) which as Vlad asks…did the fly ?..answer…reportedly not very well…and thus the advent of the “sock” (CTS) and the “sperm bag” (as Missing Something posts in his photo) …(those with the frayed tails)…(Def Tech)…known to me as…ballistically stabilized bean bags (i.e., those with a tail)…did “fly” better.

They are current production, but now enters a company like, LightField with their “super short range” rubberized “star”

“Socks” are said to be lethal at 6-10 yards (+/-) whereas the “stars” can be uses sub 3 yards (as I am told)…thus filling a voild of the “super close range”.

But back to the question at hand…do the round (or square) disks “fly” …as I am told…not very well…and when they “flew” perpendicular to to target…they could inflict unintended damage by their spinning flat trajectory (and thus the spinning edges causing damage).

The “socks” are supposedly better…more ballistically true and fly more direct and with the intended impact.

( I am not sure if any of the “big boys”…the big less lethal companys…are still manufacturing the flat square bean bags)…but you will still find them in many “gun show” loadings

Bottom line…I think all “big boys” bean bags these days are “tailed” in one form or another…or Lightfields “stars” (one or more)

Just my humble and limited collecting knowledge


How is the star contained inside the shell?

Just by pushing it in, I guess?