Beaufort (2007) EOD question

In the Israeli movie Beaufort (2007), an un-successful EOD deactivation of a road side device is shown. Before an EOD technician approaches the bomb, a dog is sent to the device. It run to the bomb, sniffs it and sits next to it. Then the dog handler uses a silent whistle to call the dog back. What was dog’s function? To make sure there are no trip wires?

It’s been a while since I saw it, but I think the dog was used to confirm that it was actually an explosive device, and not just roadside junk.

Nobody would waste such a dog for tripwire detection.


There are other reasons to do so. I refrain from details for the sake of not teaching the wrong people which are certainly guests on sites like our’s here.

Before I take lots of criticism, I must say FIRST that Sksvlad’s questions are often very interesting, and have provided me with lots of information, and some entertainment value. SECOND, EOD has provided probably the greatest volume of really valuable and insightful information on a wide variety of ordnance and other interesting stuff.
BUT, nonetheless, I must enter my personal caution against posting, for “worldwide consumption” comments regarding EOD procedures, regardless of how mundane they may appear to this audience. We can gain very little from discussing any aspects of EOD procedures on this or any other “open” website.
SORRY, I think it had to be said!

…right you are!

I just altered my posting a bit.

Probably not a good thread to continue. Too much information can put the lives of some very brave people at risk.