Beaumont Cartridges

Here are some of the Dutch loads
11.3+51R Mod 1871 Ball load
11+46R Carbine load
11,3+57R Shot load East India Police

Thank you for the picture.
Below, a picture of my Beaumont cartridges together.
One thing caught my attention, they all have rounded primers while yours have a flat one.

I am honest yours are the first ones that I see stamped at least shall we say a little

I had already the 11,3x52R model 1871/88 headstamped 92 12 . At last Engel’s auction I won the 11,3x52R model 1871/78 and the two empty case. So the brainstorming start. Comparing all these cartridges I would like to point out that the only main difference between is the case lenght and the narrower shoulder. That’s why I deliberately called them all 11,3mm in this post.