Beaumont Vitale chargers...Design

Since the Delft LegerMuseum has been dismantled and
Agglomerated with the Dutch Air Museum, loosing much of its variety and content.
I need to find a source of original Designs with dimensions in inches or metric ( ??originals in inches??) for the special Vitale charger…they are larger and wooden top piece very different from a VV Italian clip, although general proportions match cartridge size.

Martens and de Vries book has 1/2 scale Illustrations in the front abd rear endpieces of the book, butno measurements…and scaling off a printed( in this case,
Computer scanned ) reproduction leads to serious errors.
Have the replica VV chargrrs well in hand, but increasing requests of BV chargers from US and UK and Europe is making me develop this charger as well…
The other reason is I have Two BV rifles, a Landmacht and a KNIL.

Doc AV
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Brisbane Australia.

PS an original BV clip to reverse engineer would be appreciated…even if just for loan…payment in finished replica clips Doc AV