Beijing 2009

An interesting aside to a business trip to Beijing!

Dave S

If this is your business trip, I volunteer to carry your baggage!!!

Been there several times myself ( 1996,2001) and shot about $1000 worth of ammo ( 7,62x39, 5,8x43, 7,62x54R, 7,62x25 Silenced, etc,etc) and enjoyed myself immensly…even showing off my “gun savvy” clearing and trouble shooting techniques…when asked by the “attendants” I simply replied…Wo jun-shi ( I am a soldier).

Especially doing “Shave and a Haircut, Two bits” with a SGM and 250 round belt of Ball-Trace. ( one is not restricted to a Browning in doing this ditty).

Regards, and hope you had fun.

Doc AV
"old China hand" ( by adoption)

AV Ballistics.

Wow - some fun.

Doc - When I was in the US Army, my first job was with the Browning 1919A4, A6. We were taught to say simply “fire a burst of six” until we got into the rhythm of firing six-round bursts. It works.