Belarusian partisans

During the research of the armament of the Belarusian partisans, artifacts that may be of interest to someone …

From the museum in Drogichin, Brest region


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Neat box. For a what kind of belt?
What rimmed 7.9 cartridge? or is that just artistic license?

Dutch MG round, pre WW2

Is there a suggestion the Belarusian partisans had Dutch Schwarloses, or was this a coincidental discovery? Jack

Just like trophies

Great box! Thanks for sharing.

Dutch Patroon scherpe Nr.23, 7.9x56R ( also listed as 57R).
For Schwarzelose Modified M07/12.
Cartridge easily mistaken for
.303 British, (very similar dimensions). Post-war FN made cartridges mistaken for .303 as Surplus in US in 70s.
Many Dutch MGs issued to Police and Railway protection units in Eastern Front rear areas…hence Ammo Container in ByeloRussia.

The Germans also issued 7.9 R to Luftwaffe crews with 8x57R drillings, as FMJ in North Africa and Arctic. Usu. FW 4- engined Bombers.
Belts for 07/12 were similar construction to 08 Maxim belts.

The Reichsbahn also used Polish Brownings (w-c) and Norwegian Brownings in 7.92 x57. I think the Norwegian 7.92x61 Brownings remained in Norway ( ammo made 1942 ( see other Post)

Doc AV


this box indeed is Dutch containing a 215-round belt in caliber 7.92x57R.
Here is the belt,



Holland also used this ctg in 08/15 Maxims and Vickers.

Thought that might be the case but thought I ought to ask to be sure, thanks Willim