Belding & Mull #311168 bullet mould box


I assume it is an old ammo shipping box. Anyone knows anything about the firm? C’mon, guys, you know everything.


Can’t say what was in it. Belding & Mull manufactured tons of reloading and shooting equipment.

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Is the company gone? I tried to find it online, no luck.


I believe Belding and Mull has been out of business for some time. They made absolutely the best, most precision powder measure perhaps ever produced, in my opinion. I used one for years, until it got damaged, and I wasn’t able to replace it. I don’t believe they ever made or marketed ammunition or components, unless it was simply as a jobber for other companies, but again, don’t even recall them doing that.


SKS, sells B&M powder measures, etc. New stock I believe?
Your box looks like it was for either for lead bullets or perhaps a bullet mold box, the first three numbers on the box being the bullet dia… Depends on the box measurements which you didn’t list.
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Belding & Mull of Philadelphia was in it’s heyday in the 1930s and 40s. They sold powder measures, bullets, moulds, funnels, lead melting pots, ladles, gas checks, bullet sizers and lubricators, shotshell reloading tools, cleaning rods, powder scales, wad punches, gun cabinets, checkering tools, paper targets, butt plates, slings & swivels, and other misc shooting supplies. All of this from their 1935 Handbook and Loading Guide.

#311168 is a bullet mould ID. 30 caliber, 170 grain “Squibb-Miller” bullet for competition and small game hunting.