BELG. 7.65 M/M Headstamp ID

Who was the manufacturer of a 7.65x53 Belgian Mauser round headstamped “BELG. 7.65 M/M”? The case is boxer primed, and the “M/M” marking looks very US. Is this a commecial round?

Winchester, WW1 contract.

Thanks for the info Will.

Does anyone have a spare round with this HS that could be inerted?

The only example I have is a trench art one made from a fired case. It has a brass crown soldered onto the side of it and an 8mm lebel bullet with a saw cut in the tip fitted. I believe this was once a letter opener, although the blade is long gone.

What load types was this round made in?

Can anyone post any photos of examples of the rounds or packaging?

Thats one 7.65 headstamp that I have now identified, how about this one* 7.65 m/m *the headstamp runs from 9 oclock around to 3 oclock, thanks Randy

I think we are talking about this head stamp.

Unfortunately I am not so familiar with US rounds. The Ex looks a little German.
Do I look wrong?


That is the headstamp, except my example has a dot after “BELG”.

I would still like to see some photos of some more specimens or the packaging if anyone has them.

Now I am still interested if an Ex round made in the US during WW1 were made this way.

Perhaps a US collector can help me.

Thanks in advance

The three rounds in my collection (and a primed empty case), all have the dot after the BELG.

  1. is a ball with a round nose, tinned, GM jacketed bullet.
  2. is a dummy with the same bullet and a small hole lower mid-case plus an inner wood rod.
  3. is a board dummy (factory??) with two mounting holes, and once polished (don’t forget that lacquer!) so much the tinning is gone except in the bullet seating knurls. However the lead base of the bullet shows a nice raised “W” when viewed through the upper mounting hole.
    Have a copy of the H.P. White card box label which I will e-mail you Falcon (when I can get it scaned). You can then post if you wish.
    Dutch I’m not aware, of a US made dummy (in this caliber) with flutes. Not that I’ve seen everything, just my 2 cents. Also all the Winchester I’ve seen show a round nose bullet.
    Hope this is of help.

Thanks Pete,

A few of them came out of the ground in the eastern part of Germany.

If US dummies were not made this way, the Germans must have made dummy in a non German caliber.