Belgian 1889 experimental?




Is the bullet magnetic??



Hi, this looks like that early belgian experimental for the development of the belgian 1889 cartridges, not the germans.
Because the bullet has already the 8,2mm diameter, whereas the germans at that time played still with the “smaller” 8,05mm/ .318diameter) Bullet.
The primers are like all my others coming from the belgian proofplace “off center” and the bullet have the same “Meplat” at the top.
Actually they where made most for sure by Lorenz, as you can find in the phamplet from Francis Latoir, who has done a great job on showing the development of the belgian small caliber cartridge. There is a similar cartridge in the early ROTH-Catalogue (Roth# 289) who also has given the diameter as 8,2mm by a caselenght of 57 and the use of a roundnose fmj noncovered steel jacketed bt. And it clearly states: For BELGIUM.
It was always “overlooked” from the experts, as no one brought the belgians into the 8x57 class…as many people tought…
The german one is shown on the same catalogue page as M88 with a bullet diameter of 8,00mm (8,10mm) as Roth# 362 (much later)…
There is only a second other chance: the 8mm Stummer (austrian), but this should have a bigger base diameter and an austrian hs; also it uses a pointed bullet.
Your bullet looks more, like on of the “Compound”-Bullets, used in the belgian (and also in smaller diameter) german trials.
Francis Latoir sells his booklet by himself; it was formerly distributet also from Graham Irving.
Anyway, that bullet diameter is for this time frame NOT GERMAN…

and: It cames out from the hidden stock of Francottes cellar, after closing down this premises. All my own ones, came from the same place…

May you can give the bullet weight?? It can than be better searched for, as there where 2 or 3 different cartridges with the same case configuration, but with different bullets ordered from Lorenz and others trough the begian army trial comittee…



MAGNETIC,YES AND BLUED(BLACKENED) STEEL JKT. I HAVE NEVER WEIGHED SHELLS-LEAVING THIS TO SPECIALISTS. Excellent info. from FORENSIC as usual. Do you have this exact specimen ? What is this powder ?