Belgian .303 British

Can anyone hive me some information about those 4 rounds.
All case seem nickel plated with common ball and I got them without any powder.
#1 “F N *”, 174 gn
#2 “F N 50”, 173 gn
#1 “F N 50”, 144 gn
#1 “F N 50”, 124 gn


Number 3 looks like a 7.62mm NATO bullet, have you measured its diameter?


The two bullets at the left appear to be the mk.8 type. Jack

Rafale, were these loaded with real propellant or with lead shot as a replacement?

I don’t know, when I got them they were empty.

I think these are dummy’s, as a nickel primer is with FN an inert one, and the only nickeled cases I know used for live ammo is a 7.65x54 mauser cartridge short-range, all other nickeled cases are dummy’s. Probebly they used the bullets on hand.