Belgian .303 plastic projectile "FN 52"


I kind of remember this being a police cartridge. Is there a meaning in white bullet?

Here is a better view


Now I remember from where I have this idea of “police cartridge”. I hope the gentleman from Prescott does not object to my posting photos below, it is in his collection.


Have you asked TonyE ? I would have thought he might have known about it. Anyway, to add my thoughts, what sort of police use would it have? I would have thought an indoor trainer might be more possible.


As far as I know, this is an anti-riot load.


Depending on its velocity, anything over about 500fps and that bullet would be liable to penetrate which I would imagine would not be the desired outcome for an anti riot round in the 1950s or later.
It could be primer only powering it but otherwise its actually quite hard to load a large case like that down to “safe” velocities.

Still, this is just thinking out loud. Hopefully someone will come on and tell us.

While you are on Falcon, did you get back OK on Saturday?


Check out here for more discussion and pictures of this one and other calibers of the type:




Thanks, Dave, I feel silly not running a search first.


I have two different calibers with the plastic bullet and it was sold as a gallery load.


The .303 with plastic bullet is for police use (former Belgian ‘Rijkwacht’) .

The 7,62x51 however was for use in the Belgian training system for the Milan anti-tank weapon.
This training system consisted of a modified FN FAL rifle.