Belgian 7.62mm bullet


I have just pulled the bullet out of an early Belgian 7.62 x 51mm cartridge headstamped ‘F N 52’ and I was expecting to find the usual SS77 bullet. However, the bullet is flat-based, lead-cored, non-magnetic, has a GM jacket, weighs 150.9gn, and is 29mm long. It doesn’t have any cannelure although a groove has formed where the bullet has been crimped into the case. I’d suggest the bullet is similar in shape to the .30 M2 bullet.
I suspect, and hope, this is a Belgian pre-SS77 experimental but does anybody know any more?


That sounds like the 150 grain flat based bullet that I think all participants in the trials tried. The British equivalent was design D6/L/1266/E/88.



I posted my question and then read in some of Tony Edward’s notes that the 7mm Compromise had a lead-cored flat-based bullet and for a horrible moment I thought that the cartridge I’m enquiring about might simply be a 7mm Compromise - which were also headstamped ‘F N 52’ as is my round.
I have measured the diameter of my Compromise bullets and they are in the region of 7.21mm and apparently Compromise bullets weigh about 140gn.
My bullet has a diameter of 7.80mm (and weighs 150.9gn) so it is most definitely not a 7mm Compromise.


Here are a couple of pictures which might just help…perhaps.
The bullet is a Belgian .30-06 M2 Ball. Also rather unusual is the total lack of annulus varnish.