Belgian experimental ctges


Any info on these ctges ?

Request for information

The one on the far right appears similar to the 4.5x46 Shirnecker, but I think its case is longer. Surely they are all of related development?


In the ECRA caliber data viewer; may be the désignation for the cartridge on the left, second line
03 079 GLC 010

.105 Schirnecker XPL Tround Brass case
or synonym 2,6 mm Schirnecker XPL Tround Brass case
Année 1968 ca
Pays Belgique
Arme Tube à tir
Projectile Pointu, FMJ (tombac), non magn.
Notes Developed by Hans-Ludwig Schirnecker

3 described specimens…


photos of two Tround-type examples on a fabric belt


Good info pete!
i didn’t know that