Belgian FN 25ACP dummies


I recently broke the habit of years and bought these two 25 ACP (6,35mm) FN dummies, such titchy things, they deserved a good home. One is headstamped ‘FN’ whilst the other is 'FN *. Both are nickel plated with a heavy crimp at the neck. Is it possible to work out when they were made and for whom?

Happy collecting, Peter


I cannot help with dating these, but they were probably made for FN’s own sales. It was normal for FN pistols to come with two or three dummy rounds in the box and FN sold more than a few pocket pistols over the years.



The style on the right is also found on 9x19mm ammo. As an opening bid for a discussion, I will offer a GUESS that this dummy dates from the 1950s. The pre-WWII FN 9x19mm loads had serifs on the letters based on dated ammunition and some boxed ammo. Around 1936 the serifs were dropped, the the F N * ammunition from this period (as identified by box labels and by the Green cms) has a “normal” star.

Post-WWII the letters lacked the serifs. The “stick man” style star also appears to be post-WWII since it occurs on ammunition with the pink cms and PA typical of early post-war 9x19mm cartridges.

I offer all this from my decaying gray matter and without access to my collection or records so I am probably wrong in some details, but others will correct my mistakes.

The F N headstamp on the left doesn’t occur, as far as I know, on 9x19mm cartridges so I won’t venture guess when it was made.




By 9mm the date is printed in the head stamp.
Perhaps these pictures can help