Belgian signal cartridges

Does anybody have any information about belgian flare ammunition before the german occupation in 1940? I need information about what Belgium had at this time and about the markings.

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I’ve seen a belgian bunker-inventory list (from just before 1940) which says that it was equiped for signaling purposes with a “Pistol 25mm” , “1 crate of 80 signal cartridges” and “1 crate of 80 lightflares”.

Like you, it would be nice to know what exactly they used.


I have some fireworks/flare cartridges by Societé Anonyme des Cartoucheries, de Anderlecht… but they are probably not what you are looking for.

I have a box of 10 One-Star white signal made before WWII (according a Ministerial order from 1935, as 25 mm Signal cartridges by a sociéty known as


                                   [b]Deurne, Antwerpen[/b]

The rounds are very classical with a cardoard (pale greyish beige) tube, white closure (roll-crimp) and brass base.
I suppose that other colors were also made.

I can send a picture if you give me your e-mail, as I was never able to use the “easy way” (!) for sending pictures widely explained here (sorry, old age, probably!), so you will be able to post it for me…



Philippe, thanks for the manufacturer info! This clears things up. So Hendrickx was after 1945 the well known “EHD” NATO code if I am not totally misslead. In the past there was also a “Société des Explosivs d’Havre” of Havre-les-Mons and I had a problem to figure who is the right one on the flare cartridges.