Belgium .577-450 Martini cartridges

I know there have been several discussion on this but I can not find the discussion of the one Labelled MKC M stars. (Below). I had in my notes the citation for this as being made by Munitions Werke de Schonebeck, Elbe, Germany by “archived IAA Journal”. I am wondering if this is an error or if someone can advise. It looks a lot like all the other .577 MH headstamps with different letters made by CRG and FN Belgium.

MkC Munitions Werke de Schönebeck at Elbe

I also have this one on an 8mm Lebel and wondering of the same? Looks a lot like a Kynoch one I have.


Then a similar one also in .577 MH caliber, Will Reuter just emailed me about. See pic below.


This one to me resembles a Kynoch headstamp, and while just a guess…Kynoch did make .577 MH cartridges in this caliber for the Maxim Machine Gun company for use in Africa for the Ashanti war and the Gordon Relief Expedition in 1884–85.

Can anyone shed any light or evidence to the manufacture of these 3 cartridges so I can be assured my information is accurate.
Thanks in Advance.

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I had always thought(no proof) the top MKC M stars was for Turkey. And I agree about the Belgium manufacture.


These headstamps were made for a Russian company from Odessa named M. Kévorkoff & Cie, which in 1903 established a branch in Muscat, Oman. Its initials likely stand for “Matig Kévorkoff et Compagnie, Masqat”.

Examples of the last headstamp found in .577/450 showed up in one of several shipments seized during the arms traffic events ocurred in the Persian Gulf during the early 1900’s. Other examples found at the same time are the “FTC” headstamp made for Fracis, Times & Co. in London, and the “BCE” made for Baijeot & Cie. in Djibouti and Muscat.



That is excellent information Fede and I Thank you. Do you know if these were made by FN like many of the other similar ones found out there.
How about the middle headstamp on the 8mm Lebel revolver, was this made for the same company in Russia?

Curtis, I assume that it was made for the same M.K.C. company in Muscat, but I don’t have further information on these revolver cartridges. Regarding the manufacturer, I looks very similar to the FN, BCE, LDP and other contract made headstamps followed by three stars, but in my opinion the actual manufacturer is Cartoucheries Russo-Belges (CRB) in Liège.

I can also add that that, because of the legal problems caused by the arms traffic seizures mentioned above, M.K.C. closed its Mascat branch in 1910.



Thanks again Fede that is more information that I ever expected to find. Great Job!!!