Belgium use of 7,65x53mm?

I am searching for facts about the Belgium military use of the 7,65x53mm cartridge: Since its introduction in the Belgium pattern of the Mauser model 1889, the bullet weight has change a few times. It seems to have been originally introduces with a 211 grains round nose FMJ and followed later by a 155 grains type S FMJ-BT ball and a 174 grains type SS FMJ-BT.
Can anybody assist me with time periods for use of the different bullet types, drawings of bullets and whether it was used in MGs? Any information will be highly appreciated.

The German field manual for enemy ammunition (D50/8a) mentions only the round nose model 89 (bullet 14.0 g) and the sS type model 30 (bullet 11.25 g), but no equivalent of a light spitzer (S type) ball cartridge in Belgian army use. Tracer, AP tracer and AP also have model year 30.

Edit: both model 89 and 30 ball are listed as being used in machine guns.

JPeelen: Thank you very much for your help!

Some items to look at they may or may not be of help-


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@bdgreen: Thank you very much for the references, which are very interesting.