BELL 7.62x39 for US Gov-t contract for Central America

Anyone knows what these are? Are they tracers? The description at an auction says: “Box of 20 rounds 7.62X39 rifle cartridges C I A ?), no HS, lsrge flat nickel primer, FMJ bullet, purple ( r blue) sealant on primer.”


These are the Bell rounds discussed in the thread you started at



Thanks. Bell Extrusion Laboratories Limited was acquired by Jamison International in 2003(?). Which year did BELL stop manufacturing?

At least one lot of 5.56x45 brass that bears the H/S: BeLL 5.56 03
was produced. Frangible loadings were produced by Kilgore Ammunition Products, Toone, Tenn. using this Bell brass. Please note that the use of the lower case “e” in the H/S is correct.

The bullet is similar to a tracer bullet