Belted 30-06

I have a belted 30-06 case, appears to be varnished. Gunsmith removed it from a gun someone had managed to close action and fire it. Berdan primed, larger than US large rifle. Photos on request, I don’t know how to attach to this msg. VResp. R.E.Treis

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Sounds like a Russian lacquered steel case .30-06 made by Barnaul. It’s not belted, but rather has a groove Round the circumfrence of the case just above the case head. I know of no belted .30-06 case, much less lacquered steel, and cannot beleive that one could close the bolt of any .30-06 rifle on any belted cartridge case.



It’s more than likely a Barnaul but, believe it or don’t, there are belted '06s. Most are wildcats but I recently got an empty case from one of our fellow Forum members that appears to be factory made. And then there is the 240 Weatherby which is nothing more than a belted '06.

I’ll hold my judgement until I see a photo and dimensions.


I would consider the 240 Weatherby as an improved 240 H&H belted rather than a 30/06 belted necked down.Rim and base diameters are the same,anyway

What is the purpose of the groove in Russian-made .30-06?

Looks like the verdict is in, Russian made, steel with the groove to compensate for excess headspace rather than a belt. Guess I don’t get to suppliment my retirement from my special find. Y’all boys got the fastest replies of any site I’ve visited. I think I’ll join you.

How does this groove compensate for extra headspace? And why is there extra headspace?

The European Cartridge Research Assn. put that info on me. I had the same question but was too proud to ask (and afraid of looking stupid).

That is OK, leave it to me, I am too old to be afraid to display my incompetence, let’s wait for one of the big shots to provide us with true knowledge. … ul&start=0

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I like that word - coprolite. I’ll admit that I had to look it up, but it’s one that I will use from now on. :) :)

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I knew that one! In fact, I have a coprolite sitting on my desk as I write this. I get a chuckle every time I look at it…